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What is a Cappuccino?

A cappuccino is an espresso drink topped with foamed milk. It is very similar to a latte, except that it is dry (more foam). To create the dry foam, the milk is frothed, and then left to sit for a minute as the foam rises to the top. That milk foam is then scooped onto the drink to produce a layer or mound.

Making a Cappuccino:

  • Extract espresso shots into a cup
  • Froth and texturize milk, creating more milk foam than you would for a latte
  • Let the milk sit for a minute to allow the foam to rise to the top
  • Pour the steamed milk into the espresso
  • Spoon the dry foam onto the drink and enjoy

    Factoid: In Italy the cappuccino is seen as a morning drink and is rarely drunk after 11am.


    “Espresso machines of the type used to make cappuccino were introduced at the beginning of the 20th century when Luigi Bezzera of Milan filed the first patent in 1901. Cappuccino was developed in Italy by the early 1900s, and grew in popularity as the large espresso machines in cafés and restaurants were improved during and after World War II, specifically with the introduction of the modern, high-pressure espresso machine by Italian company Gaggia in 1948. The beverage had developed into its current form by the 1950s.In Italy it is seen as a morning drink and is rarely drunk after 11am. In the United Kingdom, espresso coffee initially gained popularity in the form of the cappuccino, due to the British custom of drinking coffee with milk, the desire for a longer drink so the café may serve as a destination, and the exotic texture of the beverage” (Source: Wikipedia)




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